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Operating Systems Linux Debian Samba LDAP NT_STATUS_GROUP_EXISTS
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Old 11-13-2009

Hi everybody,

I run a Debian samba-ldap server. Every thing works fine, but the only problem i have is

this error in my samba logs:
[2009/11/12 11:51:47,  0] groupdb/mapping.c:pdb_create_builtin_alias(802)
  pdb_create_builtin_alias: Could not add group mapping entry for alias 544 (NT_STATUS_GROUP_EXISTS)

[2009/11/12 11:51:47,  0] groupdb/mapping.c:pdb_create_builtin_alias(802)
  pdb_create_builtin_alias: Could not add group mapping entry for alias 545 (NT_STATUS_GROUP_EXISTS)

and this ldap entries:

So my logfiles are getting bigger and bigger every view seconds.

Dose anybody now this error and can even help me?


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