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What command or script to capture a system snapshot?

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Special Forums Cybersecurity What command or script to capture a system snapshot?
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Question What command or script to capture a system snapshot?

Some background on what I am trying to accomplish - Accreditation/Certification for DoD (Unix/Linux) system: I am trying to improve the process for capturing key system information in preparation for performing a formal security review of a Unix or Linux system. This is in addition to the SRR scripts (from IASE) against said system. In other words, I need to capture system name, OS version, running services, Ethernet connections and their settings, etc..etc.. After all the data is captured, it will be brought back to the lab (along with the SRR script results) for formal review on security evaluation. The information captured (or snapshot) will assist in putting together the report and aid in answering all the questions and hopefully prevent an extra trip of returning to the system (in question) and running more commands because something pertinent wasn't captured the first time.
Please help me brainstorm (or simply identify) the commands, scripts, or series of commands I need to run in order to capture all the needed data on a Unix system.
Thank you in advance!
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It varies from *ix to *ix. Although not complete, you can look at:

Rosetta Stone for Unix

Some fairly common things are things like:

uname -a
df -k (bdf on HPUX)
ifconfig -a

Things like memory and processor vary greatly.

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