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Old 07-05-2002

Hi, i have been looking at routers on the globaldirect website, and found this :

click here

Will this secure a webserver well? If not, what do you recomment, as im on a budget here

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Old 07-18-2002
Well, the URL you posted didn't work and their TLD get stuck in a redirect loop. but that's ok.

A router can help enhance security, but really your security lies with the webserver itself. Run the latest patched version of whatever server you want to use, and keep up with its security updates.

Don't run more services on the machine than you really need. SSH and the webserver should be the only open ports if that's all the box is doing.

If you must run other services, eg. mySQL, make sure you filter all outside access to the mySQL port at 3306. This applies to any other database/service that is only used local to the system. Filtering should be done both at the router and on the webserver box itself -- never depend on a single point of security (eg. using telnet on the internal network, trusing that there are no sniffers about).

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