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Old 10-08-2007
Dynamic filtering with dansguardian

Hi everybody!
Sorry for my intrusion but I'd like to submit a problem which is driving me crazy!
To implement the application I'm working on I must set an application layer firewall,
consequently I've installed and configured on my machine Squid + Dansguardian vs 2.8
(I'm using Debianrelease 2.6.18 amd 64).
As further setting I enabled the mode "Blanked Block" on file "bannedsitelist" so that
only the connections whose url are in the file "exceptionsitelist" are allowed, while for the
other connections the message "Access Denied" is displayed.
My work is focused on writing a module for bypassing the message "Access Denied" by asking to the
user when receives the message if he wants to continue anyway. In case of agreeing the file
"exceptionsitelist" will be updated by including the new url.

Now, my problem is following: any time I write an istruction on the file exceptionsitelist,
I must restart dansguardian in order to apply the new instruction.
Is this tricky or normal? There is any way to run this new instruction without closing and restart

I'd like to thank anyone could help me, please


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Old 10-09-2007
Personally I haven't had the chance to work with this application, but restarting the application is common approach, for example to re-read the config file, or any other file that's being parsed. So, your concern is whether this is normal or not. Well, if this is the only chance to update the exceptionsitelist, I don't think you should worry, unless restart takes too much time. BTW, what kind of application is that, I mean, can you restart it just like "/etc/init.d/dansguardian restart" or it's more complicated ?
I spent some time at the dansguardian's site, have you looked at the source code or at the Extras page ? Is there something that would satisfy your needs ?
I understand that I'm not helping much with this post, just trying to point the thoughts in the right direction, hopefully Smilie
Given this flow, it just came on my mind how I apply new rules at /etc/sysctl.conf file - "sysctl -p", so you probably need something like this.
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Old 10-09-2007
SmilieSmilieSmilie I'm solve my problem with thwe restart of dansguardian (really exist also the command reload)!
I'm look the script /etc/init.d/dansguardian, at the beginning my problem was associate restart = stop+start, instead restart effect a re-read of configuration file (that's not require very time)!

thank you very much for your attention

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