How to use PGP File Encryption

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Old 10-01-2007
How to use PGP File Encryption

Hi All,

I am new to the concept of encryption and shell and i have been assigned to do pgp encryption of a file before ftping it.

I am developing the script using MKS Toolkit on Windows XP and the script will run later on actual unix box.

I am going through documents provided by pgp website.

Any help in this regard will step me up in developing the program, also an example will help a lot.

Thanks in advance
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Old 10-02-2007
Here is a session for encrypting a file :
[root@host ~]# gpg -c scsrun.log
Enter passphrase :
Repeat Passphrase :

[root@host ~]# ls -l scsrun.log*
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 195 Oct 2 15:32 scsrun.log
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 204 Oct 2 15:32 scsrun.log.gpg
If you want to decrypt it : "gpg scsrun.log.gpg" -it will ask for the passphrase.
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Old 10-04-2007
How to use PGP File Encryption

Thanks for reply

I will update once i will through with your solution.

Thanks again
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