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Function of Javascript within Unix Network

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Special Forums Cybersecurity Function of Javascript within Unix Network
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Old 04-18-2007
Question Function of Javascript within Unix Network

What attacks can a Unix box get through Javascript?

Is the Web Client secure against Javascript attacks if any?

Do we have a Trojan horse made in JavaScript?
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Old 04-19-2007
JavaScript is being executed on Clients' side, so the box itself is secure. Web servers are vulnerable to XSS (cros-site-scripting), but each application may be secured additionally. There's no trojan horse in JS, but successful exploit may lead the client to page with VB script or something like that.
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Old 04-30-2007
i dont

JavaScript as part of a Trojan horse attack?i dont know the answer
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Old 04-30-2007
netass and harish_raj88 both joined at about the same time and from the same cable provider. In this thread, harish_raj88 poses the same question as netass poses here. And this thread is an attempt at yet another cross-post. I will be generous and assume that we have two individuals taking the same class. Both need to review our rules since both are violating:
(6) Do not post classroom or homework problems.
And harish_raj88 should notice rules 3 and 4 as well. We do not need to know which questions you cannot answer.
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