Datacenter Crash (Server Unreachable for About 17 minutes)

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Old 02-25-2020
Yep.... two days in a row of this nonsense from the data center.

And their response, the best they can do, is "thank you for understanding"..... (GMT +7)

Datacenter Crash (Server Unreachable for About 17 minutes)-screen-shot-2020-02-25-50248-pmjpg
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Old 02-25-2020
Anyway, guess it is time to look for a new company and datacenter.

Seems Server4You is not the "Server4Us" anymore.
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Old 02-25-2020
Have you any idea what equipment they are using?
I suppose X86 blade servers but what? and what kind of hypervisors...
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Old 02-25-2020
Both outages have been due to networking issues in the datacenter. The dedicated server itself has been fine (I did reboot it once when the network was down).

I have all the details of the server of course but the server is not the problem. The datacenter is the problem.

They did contact me from billing and offer to waive the fees next month for two servers; but I have not responded yet.

After two outages in a single 24 hour period my "anger meter" went up dramatically and I am letting it go back down again before I reply back to them.
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Old 02-26-2020
Here is the reply from the data center just now:

I hear you. As a part of our global upgrade of site routers in all our data centers, today there was a scheduled update of the STL routers. Connectivity loss was not expected, thus you have not been informed. Unfortunately, during the process, connectivity problems arose and our Network Technicians had to revert to the router's original settings. The duration of the outage is being estimated to about 2h 30 min.

I am not arguing with you, not at all. Let us know how do you wish to proceed.
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Old 02-26-2020

I have the same 17 minute outage reported on a number of my domains, these are hosted servers - I'm guessing that they were all out but only the Wordpress sites with Jetpack logged an error (tested from


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Old 02-26-2020
We had an outage last week I think, can't remember officially around half an hour but sure it was more as I got fed up and went to bed... Why I am mentionning is that it looks very similar, Swisscom had a router etc maintenance where no disruption was expected, finally maybe a third (if not a half...) of Switzerland was without TV phones using swisscom box and no 4G... many 24/24 alarm (police/hospitals...) were out of order... In other words a net issue that propagated bringing the whole datacenter down
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