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You do not edit the binary.

No where in my post did I mention editing a binary file Smilie That "wrong thinking" is your (wrong) idea :wink:

Read my post carefully again and think about the concept of what I am suggesting.

You do not need to edit any binary file to do as I have suggested.

But, at least you are trying. That's good. Try more!
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oh. ok i will check you post again

--- Post updated at 09:37 AM ---

ok i get what you mean
question is is it possible to log binery?
your solution is awesome when we dont require curl, however if i need curl and want to log ?
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Of course it is possible.

You just call (exec) curl as normal in the script.


You should know that any unix or linux command can be executed in a script!

This is really very basic stuff you are asking about!

PS: I think I cannot help you because I have too much experience in cybersecurity and unix and linux and network admin; and you seem not to understand the most basic aspects of computing in the unix/linux environment. Sorry. Maybe someone else can help you who has more patience than me with people who do not understand the most simplest unix/linux computer concepts. Sorry again and best of luck. Sorry, I am just too busy to explain to you the basics about how computing works on unix and linux. You must learn the very basics yourself (or get someone else to teach you).

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