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Not sure if this is the correct forum but a 0 day exploit of UEFI...

My aimful life: Exploring and exploiting Lenovo firmware secrets
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Test Your Knowledge in Computers #466
Difficulty: Medium
NTP was designed by David L. Mills of the University of New York.
True or False?
SLUGIMAGE(1)						      General Commands Manual						      SLUGIMAGE(1)

slugimage - Manipulate NSLU2 firmware images SYNOPSIS
slugimage [-p|-u] [options] DESCRIPTION
slugimage can be used to create or unpack NSLU2 firmware images. OPTIONS
-d, --debug Turn on debugging output -q, --quiet Turn off status messages -u, --unpack Unpack a firmware image -p, --pack Pack a firmware image -l, --little Convert Kernel and Ramdisk to little-endian -i, --input Input firmware image filename -o, --output Output firmware image filename -b, --redboot Input/Output RedBoot filename -k, --kernel Input/Ouptut Kernel filename -s, --sysconf Input/Output SysConf filename -r, --ramdisk Input/Output Ramdisk filename(s) -f, --fisdir Input/Output FIS directory filename -y, --payload Input/Output Payload filename -t, --trailer Input/Output Trailer filename -e, --ethaddr Set the Ethernet address AUTHOR
This man page was written by Joey Hess, <joey@kitenet.net>. SLUGIMAGE(1)

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