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Old 03-10-2016
Role based access and security


We are planning to setup a Role based access and security to our Linux servers. We can use mostly use sudo for providing the limited access to service and files.
My query is that how can we manage that members can edit/access only specific files (it would be 1 or multiple files or placed on multi location), This seems to be very hectic if can manage from sudo to add all the entries there.

Can you please let me know the better solution for this as we have a sub teams and that team would have multiple members working for various areas.

Is ACL would be a better option somehow ?
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Old 03-10-2016
If you don't require super user privilege (root), ACL is definitely a way and not sudo.

Sudo can be a big security hole if not properly configured and it rarely is.

Best regards
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Old 03-21-2016
Thanks for workaround.
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Old 08-03-2016
why don't you check setfacl
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