Can't access my device DJI Phantom 3 which uses UNIX. Need Help please!

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Can't access my device DJI Phantom 3 which uses UNIX. Need Help please!

Equipment: DJI Phantom 3
I have the root and passwords access, but I cannot find out how to access the equipment.
There is a USB port going to a miniUSB that connects to the equipment, but on Windows is detecting the connection as being a Serial Port (COM3).
I need some help in order to gain access to the file system from my equipment, as with regards to the access itself, I have all data (root & passwords).
Is there anyone that can move forward and try and help me?
Kind regards,

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Knowing it runs UNIX doesn't tell us anything useful. You can't login to something which has no network connections and no terminal.

The manual says the USB port is for firmware upgrades. If you're lucky, it may actually be a terminal. Try connecting to that serial port with a program like PUTTY. Again, we have no way of knowing what baud or anything. You'll have to experiment.
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I have tried to use PUTTY already, but I can't figure it out how to establish the connection properly.
It detects the USB cable on Windows as a COM port (COM3), so when using PUTTY, I set it up as a Serial connection.
When I try and connect to it, nothing happens, so I must be doing something wrong.
I have tried on Mac with a different program called "Serial", but somehow I know I am doing something wrong.
Your help is welcome. If you PM, I would appreciate.
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You aren't supposed to PM technical questions here. And I don't have anything extra to say in PMs anyway.

Just because nothing happens doesn't mean anything's going wrong. Maybe it's just not talking to you. You might have to ask the manufacturer how to get in.
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Uauhh.. you have been very helpful.
PM this: Thank you for nothing!
If I could just call the manufacturer out to find out how to get in, I would not be needing assistance in this forum.
If you had nothing else to add, you should have not even bother to post anything else. Thank you for your non-contribution.
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What, exactly, do you expect me to do? I don't own one myself, and couldn't find any relevant information. That it runs UNIX doesn't really tell me anything useful.
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