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Is TLS encrypted password safe?

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Special Forums Cybersecurity Is TLS encrypted password safe?
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Old 03-24-2014
Is TLS encrypted password safe?

Hello, on my android device my app autosaves my password and it encrypts by TLS
im not politically exposed person, just regular entrepreneur. Should i worry if i loose my phone with TLS encrypted password? Or regular mortals or casual hackers are not able to crack it?
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Old 03-24-2014
And how does it get it back? Does it ask you for a password for your password?
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Old 03-24-2014
TLS is transport layer security. It is a means of establishing a secure communication channel to a remote site. I don't know as a TLS encrypted password is supposed to be. So if someone told me that I have a TLS encrypted password I guess that I would be worried.

My Android phone demands a password to do anything at all except accept an incoming call and dail 911. 10 consecutive password failures will turn it into a paperweight. That is why I don't worry about losing it.
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Old 03-24-2014
Originally Posted by Perderabo
10 consecutive password failures will turn it into a paperweight.
Now that is a cause for worry... Anyone who borrows a phone has the capacity to accidentally destroy it. These lockout things depend on an administrator being able to unlock them...
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Old 03-24-2014
Originally Posted by Corona688
Now that is a cause for worry... Anyone who borrows a phone has the capacity to accidentally destroy it. These lockout things depend on an administrator being able to unlock them...
I never lend my phone to anyone. I am not allowed to. It is company property. Anyone who "borrows" it is a criminal and my company will press charges. The password unlocking screen clearly displays the number of attempts remaining. Right now it says "10 attempts remain before device data is deleted." Should that happen the phone can be re-initialized and used again. No one can help me access the data in the phone if I forget the password.

We have laptops with encrypted drives that also work like this. Even our thumb drives (Imation Iron-Key) work like this. This is not an uncommon security model.

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