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iptables rule sanity check?

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Special Forums Cybersecurity iptables rule sanity check?
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iptables rule sanity check?

why would:
 iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP

along with /etc/hosts.deny rule of

not stop traffic to/from 180.x.x.x, which I still see by running iftop? Or could iftop just be showing an artifact and is there a better way to monitor connections real-time?
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In fact I wonder if this is the right forum, I would believe Security - The UNIX and Linux Forums or IP Networking - The UNIX and Linux Forums more suitable... Let us know if you desire to move your thread...
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Originally Posted by unclecameron
why would (..) along with /etc/hosts.deny rule of (..) not stop traffic to/from 180.x.x.x, which I still see by running iftop?
First of all tcp_wrappers may be considered complementary in a multi-layered approach to network access restrictions but there's a fundamental difference between tcp_wrappers and Netfilter. The first works only at the application level (and only if the application was compiled with -libwrap) and the latter works at the network level, meaning no interaction with any application.
In short: Netfilter = "must have", tcp_wrappers = "nice to have".

As for your question you show isolated rules, no rule counters and no evidence of traffic, meaning your rule could be placed below a rule that already accepts traffic or you haven't killed or restarted the network process or didn't reset individual connections so you might be seeing already established connections.

Originally Posted by unclecameron
Or could iftop just be showing an artifact and is there a better way to monitor connections real-time?
I doubt that. Iftop uses the libpcap ('man 3 pcap') framework for data handling just like tcpdump, Wireshark or say nmap.
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@vbe: thanks for moving the post, makes sense Smilie

@unSpawn: There are no other rules active in iptables, and I have restarted all the network related processes I could find. Thanks for the info on pcap

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