please help to verify the simple firewall rules is ok for the call testing of my VOIP telephony syst

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please help to verify the simple firewall rules is ok for the call testing of my VOIP telephony syst

Dear Sir,

I want to test the VOIP Telephony system installed in a IP PBX server behind a NAT router. This NAT router connects to a modem (with NAT as well), and then the modem (with static public IP assigned by the ISP, e.g. directly connects to the Internet. There are several IP phones connect to the IP PBX server. The NAT router is configured as DHCP, and as a gateway (e.g. also for the LAN (the NAT router, the IP PBX server and the IP phones consist this LAN). The IP PBX server and the IP phones all connect to the ports of the NAT router, and are with static local IP addresses (e.g.,,, etc). This is the setup of the VOIP telephony system.

I want to make inbound and outbound VOIP phone calls to test the VOIP telephony system. For security, I need to setup the firewall in the IP PBX server ( But to make it simple as a start (and make it more and more complicated when the simple one works), I plan to just add very simple rules to accept all the incoming and outgoing traffics between Internet and the IP PBX server (, and forward all the traffic from this IP PBX server ( to the IP phones (,, The purpose to make the firewall in the IP PBX server as simple as possible is to avoid the possibility that the inappropriate configuration of the IP PBX server firewall lead to the VOIP phone calls failed (there are other reasons could make the VOIP phone calls failed also, e.g. the inappropriate configuration of IP PBX server and the inappropriate of IP phones ......), then I can narrow down the root cause to make the VOIP phone calls failed.

Below is the simple firewall I want to setup in the IP PBX server, i.e. accept and incoming and outgoing traffics, and forward all traffics to IP phones, without specifying any source and destination IP addresses and ports. It is much appreciated if you can help to verify whether this simple firewall rules are ok for my purpose.


# Wipe the tables clean
iptables -F

iptables -A INPUT -j ACCEPT

# Output side
iptables -A OUTPUT -j ACCEPT

iptables -A FORWARD -j ACCEPT
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fwb_ipfw(1)							 Firewall Builder						       fwb_ipfw(1)

fwb_ipfw - Policy compiler for ipfw SYNOPSIS
fwb_ipfw [-vVx] [-d wdir] [-o output.fw] [-i] -f data_file.xml object_name DESCRIPTION
fwb_ipfw is a firewall policy compiler component of Firewall Builder (see fwbuilder(1)). This compiler generates code for ipfw - a firewall and traffic shaper in FreeBSD (see ipfw(8)). Compiler reads objects definitions and firewall description from the data file specified with "-f" option and generates firewall configuration and activation script. The generated file has a name that starts with the name of the firewall object, with an extension ".fw". It is a shell script that flushes current policy, then loads new filter and nat rules. The data file and the name of the firewall objects must be specified on the command line. Other command line parameters are optional. OPTIONS
-f FILE Specify the name of the data file to be processed. -o output.fw Specify output file name -d wdir Specify working directory. Compiler creates firewall activation script in this directory. If this parameter is missing, then all files will be placed in the current working directory. -v Be verbose: compiler prints diagnostic messages when it works. -V Print version number and quit. -i When this option is present, the last argument on the command line is supposed to be firewall object ID rather than its name -x Generate debugging information while working. This option is intended for debugging only and may produce lots of cryptic messages. NOTES
Support for ipfw was added in version 1.0.10 of Firewall Builder URL
Firewall Builder home page is located at the following URL: BUGS
Please report bugs using bug tracking system on SourceForge: SEE ALSO
fwbuilder(1), fwb_ipt(1), fwb_pf(1) fwb_ipf(1) FWB

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