How to disable TLS 1.0 support in Solaris

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Old 06-26-2012
How to disable TLS 1.0 support in Solaris

Hey Guys,
I have a couple servers that are getting flagged by by our network security team. How do I disable TLS 1.0 protocol within Solaris? The vulnerability is :

TLS-SSL Server Blockwise Chosen-Boundary Browser Weakness
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Old 06-26-2012
It looks like Oracle says that this is a Java issue (JDK and JRE 7, 6 Update 27 and before, 5.0 Update 31 and before, 1.4.2_33 and before. JRockit R28.1.4 and before). Oracle says if your Java level is higher then the version above, your good. If not patch Java.

ref: Oracle Java Critical Patch Update - October 2011

If you don't need Java remove it.
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Old 08-08-2012
TLS is used by a multiplicty (or can be) of services. Was this for your Apache2 server? What does your SSLProtocol line look like? You can turn off all but SSLv2 with:

SSLProtocol -all +SSLv2


Keith Duffin
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