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Web site Security WRT MySql - how set up?

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Special Forums Cybersecurity Web site Security WRT MySql - how set up?
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Web site Security WRT MySql - how set up?

Hiya all,

Newbie here - hope you can help

Trying to set up a login authorization on my website.

Reading away - it says works well with MySql database. Apache book goes onto to explain how to install Mysql etc....

But How do I set up the login page tho?

Please assist

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So, what would you like to do exactly? I can arrive at at least 2 interpretations of your question:

(1) you have found a 3rd party script for login authentication and you would like to install it to your site;

(2) you would like to write one yourself;

(3) Some other interpretations I did not think of.

Would you clarify that please?
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hiya cbk,

I'd like to write one myself - if it is easy enough.

Failing that - I'm hoping there must be bog standard "scripts" out on the internet somewhere, which I can use. Logins into websites must be a regular request etc.


If there a good book out there which I can buy - looked through amazon, and cannot find a book that goes into this.

I have:
1. An Apache handbook - Craig Hunt - which has not been much use at all so far

2. HTML book
3. PHP book
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There are many ways to login. It can be through an HTML form by giving the username and password, and keep the authentication information in session. It can also be an HTTP based authentication scheme, where a standard dialog box pops up and asks your username and password and then process the information so retrieved. If not in session, authentication information can also be kept in cookie, for example. This just depends on how you design it. So there is no single recipe, and beyond the topics mentioned above there is nothing fancy about that.

There are always third party scripts available. For example, has a large list of that. For PHP-based, you will find a list at

If you don't know much programming especially with Web environments, using third party scripts is usually recommended.
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Hiya CBK,

...yup... thanks what the books says as well!....

Is there books out there that actually goes into how to write these "scripts"?

I've looked onthe web - and no go.... the books out there go on about HTML formatting etc...

Hope u can help

PS: - isn't working!
Any other Sites I can go to? 8)
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The site may experience some downtime. Try again later. It worked when I posted the link. Someone on the forum of my previous Web host posted that. I personally visit another site:

There are many more such script collection sites on the Web, or just by plain searching. The Google directory/Yahoo has a list of all these. Go and find some to start your research.

Personally, I don't expect I will find a dedicated book on designing login management Web applications. Even if you find one, it may not suit exactly your requirements. So I'd rather get the concepts and the available technologies understood first, then start out designing my own scheme of doing it with those technologies, regardless of what those books say. Most of the time, I will find my own "discoveries" reappear in books I subsequently read, but in less detail. I'm convinced that a cookbook approach won't make you a good developer.

As for books, I don't really know much PHP books as I am not that immersed in PHP compared with that of Perl. Maybe you will find some more ideas on books and advice on those one of many Web development-centric forums rather than this forum, which is instead centered around Unix and system administration. I can tell you the principles, but unfortunately I can't give you much code than stray advice. Smilie

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