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Tor Browser Bundle for Linux (2.2.35-8) "EVIL bug"

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Special Forums Cybersecurity Tor Browser Bundle for Linux (2.2.35-8) "EVIL bug"
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Old 03-19-2012
Tor Browser Bundle for Linux (2.2.35-8) "EVIL bug"

There is an EVIL bug in at least the Linux (2.2.35-8) Tor Browser Bundle start-tor-browser script. It will log things like domain names to a file in the root of the browser bundle.

Ticket #5417 (new defect) in Tor browser bundle has small typo causing debug mode to be always turned on

Reported by: cypherpunks
Priority: critical
Component: Tor bundles/installation


TBB starts in debug mode disregardless of --debug switch used or not. This is caused by small bug on line 208 on, where it says

if [ "${debug}" ];

where it should say

if [ "${debug}" == 1];


if [ ${debug} -eq 1 ];

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