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Old 09-26-2011
Log remote execution over SSH

If a user execute commands remotely over ssh :
[user@remote ~] $ ssh USERNAME@SERVER COMMANDS

How the SERVER administrator can log those COMMANDS executed in a "not a tty" session ?

I searched for my question and get the following suggestions:
> as root, you could replace their shell with a simple wrapper script that logged their commands before passing them to the real shell. This would only work prior to them logging in.

We did this to monitor a hacked account at a previous employer. Created "/bin/bash " (notice the space) that was a wrapper around the script-command. Worked like a charm
Anybody give help how to do this ? what the content of "/bin/bash " ??!!

Krusty stated he had modified the /etc/profile to start "script"... here:
But I don't know how to do this ? I added "script" to /etc/profile, Nothing happen !

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sorry, I confirm adding "script" to /etc/profile logs users commands in a normal session :
[user@remote ~] $ ssh USERNAME@SERVER

But this does not help logging remote commands execution mentioned here:
[user@remote ~] $ ssh USERNAME@SERVER COMMANDS

Any help how to :
Create "/bin/bash " (notice the space) that was a wrapper around the script-command ???
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Old 09-28-2011
if you want to monitor a users activity you should use the audit subsystem.
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