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SSL certificate

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Old 01-04-2011
SSL certificate

Hi guys.

I have some questions about ssl certificates.
I looked at SSL providers and saw that they are providing 2 types of certificates: per server or per domain.

my server host name is: srv1.example.com
I have a smtp, imap, web server on this box. but all services accessed by different FQDN:

1. I have a single certificate(per server). can i use that for multiple services on a single machine? for example web server and mail server.

2. when creating certificate request it asks me the host name. can i use "smtp.example.com" instead of "srv1.example.com"?
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Old 01-07-2011
The "per domain" certificate may be your root CA certificate?
1. The certificate can be used for various services on the one server, with the proviso below.
2. The host name in the certificate needs to match the FQDN that users will use to access the service the certificate is for.
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