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Old 01-12-2008
CEP Here and NOW

Fri, 11 Jan 2008 01:16:31 +0000
Lots in the blog-o-sphere this week regarding the relevance of SOA when it comes to CEP. Coincidentally, there is a also new published edition of NOW Magazine available covering various aspects of SOA. It includes an interview with Dr David Luckham of Stanford University on "Why Complex Event Processing is So Disruptive (In a Good Way)" [*1]
Some interesting snippets from other articles in this issue:
"Time for Innovation to Weigh In" - an article that explains the need for SOA to view IT systems as assets, by looking at the current ratios of maintenance to innovation in software development. So per Michael Dell of Dell Inc., 70% of Japanese IT budget goes on maintenance, 30% on innovation, "a ratio that needs to be reversed". Academics cite higher rations: Dr Jussi Koskinen finding maintenance generally costing 90% of budget in 2000, up from a still-high 67% in 1979. One could argue a different interpretation of these stats, though. Does "maintenance" not imply "re-use"? And is "maintenance" totally exclusive to "innovation"? Is adding a CEP application to an existing Enterprise Service Bus to monitor existing events just maintaining an existing set of processes?
"Innovation along the Continuum" by Paul Harmon of BPTrends [*2] - has a wonderful case study about 3M which introduced Six Sigma disciplines in 2000 to great financial benefit (profits up 25% per year), but also to the effect of impeding innovation (sales of 5-year-old-or-younger products dropped from 33% to 25% of sales). CEP of course can play a role in automating measurement and analysis aspects of Six Sigma through Business Activity (aka Business Event) Monitoring.
"Lets Evaluate SOA Tools in the Real World" by Frank Cohen of Push2Test - has a BPM/CEP use case that indicates that event processing applications using either conventional BPM or CEP technologies can utilize the same use cases.
[1] This is the 2nd part of a 2 part interview.
[2] New buzzword alert - TRIZ, which of course stands for ?????? ??????? ???????????????? ?????, meaning "Theory of inventive problem solving". Actually, "TIPS" sounds better to me…

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