Original Survey on Event Processing Languages

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Old 11-19-2007
Original Survey on Event Processing Languages

Tim Bass
Mon, 19 Nov 2007 09:59:49 +0000
A few of us have been discussing*event processing languages (EPLs)*for a number of years, advocating*that SQL-like languages are appropriate for certain classes of CEP/EP problems, but not all.
Some*readers might recall that I published a draft survey on EPLs*to the Yahoo! CEP*Interest*group titled, (DRAFT) A Survey of Event Processing Languages (EPLs), October 15, 2006 (version 14).
A number of us CEP “grey beards” have consistently advocated that there are EPLs and analytics that are optimal for certain classes of event processing problems (and, in turn, there also are EPLs that are suboptimal for certain classes of event processing problems).
For readers who do not frequent the Yahoo! CEP group,*below here is*a link to a*copy of the original survey.

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Event::generic(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				       Event::generic(3pm)

Event::generic - generic event handling SYNOPSIS
use Event::generic; $source = Event::generic::Source->new; $w = Event->generic(source => $source, ...); $w = $source->watch(...); $source = $w->source; $w->source($source); $source->event; $source->event($data); $data = $event->data; DESCRIPTION
This module provides a watcher type within the "Event" framework. You must understand the architecture of the "Event" system in order to understand this document. This module provides a system of reified event sources and watchers watching those sources. Events are generated solely by a method on the event source object. The events may carry arbitrary data to the event handler callbacks. This module is intended for situations where the events of interest are best determined by Perl code. CLASSES
Event::generic::Source A reified event source. Event::generic A watcher that can watch "Event::generic::Source" event sources. Event::Event::Dataful A (target) event that can carry arbitrary data. EVENT SOURCE CLASS
Constructor Event::generic::Source->new Creates and returns a new event source. Methods $source->event $source->event(DATA) The invocation of this method is a source event for watchers of the event source. When this method is called, each active watcher of the event source generates a target event. The DATA, if supplied, is copied into the target event objects, from which it can be retrieved using the "data()" method. $source->watch(ATTR => VALUE, ...) Generates and returns a new watcher, configured to watch this event source. The standard watcher attributes may be specified as arguments. The watcher returned is an ordinary "Event::generic", and may be reconfigured to watch a different event source. WATCHER CLASS
Type-specific attributes source => $source The event source to watch. This must be either an "Event::generic::Source" object or "undef". When set to "undef", no source is being watched, and the watcher cannot be started. EVENT CLASS
Type-specific methods $event->data Returns the data associated with the event, which may be any scalar. This is read-only, and is set by the event source. SEE ALSO
Event perl v5.14.2 2007-05-22 Event::generic(3pm)