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FreeBSD Label Editor Post-install Question

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Operating Systems BSD FreeBSD Label Editor Post-install Question
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Old 01-17-2009
FreeBSD Label Editor Post-install Question

Hello there,

Over the past few days I have installed FreeBSD 7.1 (which i'm new at)
to an external Hard Drive.

When installing, I chose to partition the disk Automatically and now I'm trying to use the label editor (post-installation configuration) to name the mount points:


...on each of the separate partitions.

My question is when I start to label the mount points with the Label Editor and attempt to 'write' (finalize) my changes, i get an error saying something to the effect of "the disk could not be mounted" along with "operation not permitted"
(these errors are for EACH partition btw)

What am I doing wrong? How am I able to make my changes 'permanent' ?


After being prompted, I also set the following because I was informed I could not perform the operations on disks that were in use.

sysctl kern.geom.debugflags=16

Thanks for any pointers : )
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Old 01-19-2009
When you installed FreeBSD, and if you selected the "automatic" settings in the section to set up your disk, your mount points and the size of each slice and partition should already be set. The automatic settings are fine for most applications. Unless you have a particular reason and know what you are doing, I don't recommend changing them. The automatic settings set it up so that appropriately sized partitions are set aside for each directory, leaving most of the drive for /usr, which is where your applications and all userland stuff will be stored (your "home" directory will be /usr/home). If you have done something else, you might try reinstalling the OS and starting over, since you probably don't have any data to lose yet.

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Old 01-19-2009
...if you selected the "automatic" settings in the section to set up your disk, your mount points and the size of each slice and partition should already be set.
Hi Tony,

i did select the automatic settings, and the slices were indeed set, but i opted to label the mount points at a later time, which is now the issue i am having.

i think i will take your advice and go ahead and reinstall, but i was curious as to why i was having these issues with not being able to have the mount points i was setting saved. thanks for the info : )

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