PPPoE + mpd = MSN messenger not works

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Operating Systems BSD PPPoE + mpd = MSN messenger not works
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Old 12-19-2007
PPPoE + mpd = MSN messenger not works


Because ppp deamon by no means reconnect if connection droped i try mpd. Mpd successful recoennct and all works fine except one problem, MSN messenger can't sign in (error 81000360). With ppp deamon msn works good.

With mpd and ppp have exactly firewall settings "OPEN"...

Where is the problem? Thanks

natd_flags="-f /etc/natd.conf"

ipfw list

 [root@gw /home/sniper 17:16:40] #  ipfw list
00050 divert 8668 ip4 from any to any via ng0
00100 allow ip from any to any via lo0
00200 deny ip from any to
00300 deny ip from to any
65000 allow ip from any to any
65535 deny ip from any to any
 [root@gw /home/sniper 17:16:44] #

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Old 12-20-2007
I looked at their documentation for a little, but having absolutely no experience with this daemon, my best shot would be :
Mpd has extensive logging system supporting syslog. To direct logs into a file add lines
*.* /var/log/mpd.log

into your /etc/syslog.conf file, create /var/log/mpd.log file and send SIGHUP to syslogd to reread config.
To enable all possible logging you can use 'log +all' command.
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Old 12-20-2007
I ascertain problem is MTU in Win XP. If i set mtu manualy in xp then works fine.

I'm confused why this "mtu converting" don't works correctly?

Although ng0 has regular mtu 1492:


and mpd.conf

        create bundle static B1
        set iface route default
        set ipcp ranges

        create link static L1 pppoe
        set link action bundle B1
        set auth authname user
        set auth password pass
        set link max-redial 0
        set link mtu 1492
        set link keep-alive 10 60
        set pppoe iface rl1
        set pppoe service ""
        disable ipv6cp

I'm respect any advice how configure ipfw or nat or whatever because i cannot change all xp PC mtu settings?

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Old 12-28-2007
This problem is well known and described here:
Renaud Waldura's Cheaper Broadband with FreeBSD and DSL
Search for '6.3.3' or 'tcpmssd'.
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Old 12-30-2007
thank you very much
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