How to install BSD?

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How to install BSD?

How to install bsd in amd 64 bits how is bsd what it is used for?
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Welcome to the forum.

Having seen all four threads that you started today (from your joining till now) may I ask you to accept the advice that posts terse like yours may not attract the attention that you desire. Posting, even repeatedly, seriously more context (hardware constellation, operating system, steps taken, input and output data, error messages, ...) will enable people in here to start thinking about your problem(s) which without that info they might just choose to ignore.
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ok, 80gb ata hardisk
amd athlon X2 240 processor 2.81ghz
ram 4gb
usb input for booting
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hello sir,
i have downloaded unix
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installing BSD

It is a really good handbook to download for BSD out there, get it, it still helps me. If you have the image, make it an installation medium, CD or USB-drive, to navigate inside the installation, which takes you just some five minutes, you will use spacebar and the cursor keys. Most important, don't give up, it's worth it. I had to repeat it several times. After the basic installation you will need something like portsnap fetch, make install clean (name of the programm), pkg install. like some basic vocabulary, or pkg update. And some good choice how to get into it, have a look at youtube, even if it is 10.1
You may discover throughout the time you are using BSD, that it is the user, who is doing (sorry for this term) the dirty work. But if you do not need a playstation it is really good.

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Some few more details about BSD.
Take into consideration if you need sudo! BSD is something like the grandpa of apple and millions of apple users complain about sudo, not knowing what is happening. It sets your changes made back, a real setback. In my linux distro I disabled sudo without any problem.In my BSD I am figuring out what to do.

The files


a likely to be important for your special configuration, server or desktop.

If you need an application that is not in the ports (the programms bundle) you download the tar-ball archive and unpack it to the users jail (account).

You may join one of those BSD-forums, but my experience was, they treat you quite snobbish, with the stiff upper lip, you were not born to use BSD or even Unix, unless you are one of these masters of the universe.

And once again, the BSD handbook is much better than most of the manpages, which are probably made to be read only by the developers.

So have fun, don't give up, it is worth it. Thumbs up!

there is one more important thing you should know about BSD filessystem. If you connect an external drive such like a usb-stick or an external usb-HDD be aware to make this item be formatted in msdos fat32. My ugly expierience last year told me that ext2/3/4 do not communicate with UFS or ZFS, whatever you try. I am using as well usb-sticks and an external HDD, with fat32, it works smoothly.
So good luck discovering the possibilities of BSD, it is good.

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