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BSD BSD, sometimes called Berkeley Unix, is a Unix operating system developed by the Computer Systems Research Group of the UC Berkeley.

Wipe out userland caches with shred, bleach bit is out of reach


caches, instead of bleach bit or sweeper, shred, solved, userland

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Old Unix and Linux 05-23-2016   -   Original Discussion by 1in10
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Wipe out userland caches with shred, bleach bit is out of reach

Another topic that bothers me on bsd is the missing of bleach-bit. Looking at what bleach-bit can clean, the new version, it wipes out all the caches of the user. May someone can give me a hint how to clean the userland in bsd and all the hidden caches for the user. shred all rubbish or LSA cookies remaining in


n times? Thanks in advance.

In one installation with the KDE-Desktop I found Kdsweeper, but it seems out of reach in the MATE-Blend.

I read about this on stack-exchange just to make some few changes on the source-code of bleach-bit, but I think there should be another simpler way, thanks in advance.
I ask this here in bsd, otherwise the moderator moves my thread to script-issues.

So I maybe found some files to clean up that I consider useless for me but may this is causing me some trouble after my last update. So BSD 10.3. (Desktop no Server)I do have some two or three questions after my last shutdown.
Last update a week ago worked fine, everything.
I began to clean up the directory /user/.cache/thumbnails after every session, because there has been a huge number of tiny alphanumerical .png files and after that on every shutdown clearing


to bin the files



Todays booting up throws me back to the latest working version before the update of last week. Last thing I did before shutting down, was to deinstall to applications I really do not use.
So do I need a thumbnail factory, do I need a double version about files in the bin?
And may a last question about updating, how to exchange the openssh-key, required to jump to instable version 11, which is supposed to go for by upgrading?
Thanks in advance

As far as I have been searching aroung you can automize it to wipe out the caches


asking for the content of the hidden file in your usr account ./cache first. You will see tumbnails and within a folder fail and another one called normal.
Bin them both to trash, manually or via a script on shutdown.
When finally shutting down you can reconfigure your


having a close look at the runlevel for your machine, where


indicates to execute your script on starting up and


indicates to execute your command on shutting down.
I do it handpicked typing in the above mentioned folder as root

rm -rf info


rm -rf files

Hope this helps others, because I could not find loads of ohter traces, may I am not using that many audiovisual material or chitchat.
Once again, this is referring to bsd, not to debian based systems.

And looking on a Linux Distro what Bleachbit is wiping out, you can wipe out the following on your BSD without harming your configuration or restarting your browser


this "something" is an alphanumerical sequence or hash number, so may you set a wildcard for it.

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