Mcookie, pkg -l to generate random sequence

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(solved) Mcookie, pkg -l to generate random sequence

I am setting this thread to this bsd forum, though it may fit into bash. But as using bsd and the terminal, I would like to generate a random sequence of alphanumerical digits, such as I use to do so on linux by typing just

this one gives me a pretty random password, but it does not on bsd 10.1.
Does someone have any idea without creating that via

tr -dc a-z1-9 < /dev/urandom

or other similar constructions even more complicated?
by typing
pkg -l

the list of commands is pretty short. Hitting twice the tab-space as root does not help either as is lists all in linux.
Any hints? Thanks in advance.

So I have been trying the following command without success, because md5sum and sha256sum or higher are not present on my bsd, for either root or user.

date  | m5sum

as well with the other ones.
While typing the following longer command (I read the manual about random and urandom)

cat /dev/urandom | tr -dc 'a-z0-9' | fold -w 32 | head -n1

all I get as an answer is

tr: Illegal byte sequence

Someone may knows what is wrong with this lack of commands? And is there a shorter way to generate such a random password? Thanks in advance.

Solved, or lets say, for this particular case, solved, because any attempt with tr went to illegal byte sequence, so the following line did it.


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