BSD: Getting the WM loaded

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BSD: Getting the WM loaded


Since freebsd has set TERM to xterm when in terminal mode, i'm very curious what its value will be in GUI mode - seems its xterm (in x11/twm) as well.. how smart Smilie Smilie

So i've installed: awesome and xorg, but when calling awesome, it talks something about invalid display.
So i've set it to set DISPLAY = :0 and tried again, but still no luck.
startx works though, brabbling about freebsd:0, so i changed DISPLAY accordingly, and retried with awesome - still no luck Smilie

Currently i'm looking for both, the systemwide awesome configuration, AND the pendant of RedHats /etc/sysconfig/desktop, which defines wich Login Manager & DE to load.

Guess i've found the 'source' folder (/usr/ports/x11-wm/awesome), but not the installed folder.

Finaly found 'a' xinitrc in /usr/local/etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.
Where i've replaced twm & with awesome &, sadly without luck, though there was a change - not for the better anyway...

To summarize, i tried:
manual call
{/etc , /usr/local/etc} /sysconfig/desktop could not be found

Even installed slim, enabled it, and when started it shows the 'session' as awesome, but when logging in, i get a naked X11, no menu, no gui, no mouse action but moving.

Curious, there is no lua package to install, but awesome is based on lua?!
Might that be related?
- No its not, package was named lua52 Smilie

What do i have to do to get AwesomeWM working on FreeBSD?

Thank you

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Tried 3 diffrent DESKTOP settings, with 3 diffrent desktops/wms, but none is working.
XFCE also doesnt want to display properly.

The nicest thing is xrandr...
# xrandr
Can't open display

I assume that is because its a 'VM' (qemu)?

Any ideas please?
BSD: Getting the WM loaded-freebsd-not-so-nice-xfcejpg
BSD: Getting the WM loaded-freebsd-no-awesome-cinnamon-openbox2jpg
BSD: Getting the WM loaded-freebsd-vga-qemujpg

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