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An installation script on freeBSD

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An installation script on freeBSD


So i got my hands on some freebsd iso, installed it in a qcow2 image and installled git and bash.
So far, so good.
  1. Git repositry retireved
  2. install script executed
  3. files got copied
  4. files have exec flag
  5. files are in $PATH / found by which / bash-completion works

But still, they cannot be executed when called in the shell.
-> Command not found <- Smilie

What am i missing please?

Know this is my very first experience with an actual installed bsd system.

Thank you in advance
An installation script on freeBSD-freebsd-exec-flagjpg
# 2  
Oook, guess i've figured...
The 'common' shebang of /bin/bash wont work when bash is in /usr/local/bin/...
The error was refering to the shebang, not the command itself, sorry.

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# 3  

I most often use env to find the program:
#!/usr/bin/env bash

#!/usr/bin/env perl

#!/usr/bin/env awk


I don't think it has ever failed on any of the systems I use: Solaris, Slackware, Fedora, Debian, {Free,Open,Net}BSD, etc.

See for more details.

Best wishes ... cheers, drl
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Thats what i changed its shebang to Smilie
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