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BSD BSD, sometimes called Berkeley Unix, is a Unix operating system developed by the Computer Systems Research Group of the UC Berkeley.

Move from Solaris: ARM 64 Bit


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Old Unix and Linux 12-16-2014   -   Original Discussion by Reclzz
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Move from Solaris: ARM 64 Bit

Hey all

I've been thinking of switching my x86 Solaris out with ARM 64 Bit and FreeBSD.
Now i know i can migrate my striped-mirror ZFS to FreeBSD.

So to get to the point.
I take advantage of Kernel Zones on Solaris (Routing, Firewall, Web Access and Web Page etc.) and from time to time need access to Windows Server VM.
But Solaris doesn't support ARM hardware (and probably won't).

I'll be replacing both server and Workstation.
I haven't used FreeBSD before, but guessing it won't be fundamentally different.
I know Solaris is maintained by Oracle but does that mean FreeBSD isn't as "polished"?
And can i get same functionality with FreeBSD as i currently have with Solaris?

I'm a fairly adaquate C/C++ programmer, will it be rather difficult to customize the kernel to only support my current hardware?
If so, are there any "industry secret" guide on how to do it?

Bo Handskemager Sørensen
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Old Unix and Linux 12-18-2014   -   Original Discussion by Reclzz
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AFAIR, FreeBSD does not have zones. It has BSD Jails which can be used to provide similar functionality excepting for resource limits.
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