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BSD BSD, sometimes called Berkeley Unix, is a Unix operating system developed by the Computer Systems Research Group of the UC Berkeley.

Compiling BOINC/Seti@Home for OpenBSD 5.3 Sparc64


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Old Unix and Linux 08-29-2013   -   Original Discussion by RichardET
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Compiling BOINC/Seti@Home for OpenBSD 5.3 Sparc64

I used to use x86 Linux clients for this years ago, but ceased all activity until last night. I have resurrected an old Sun Blade 100, which used to run Solaris 9, when I first owned it, in the 2003 period, but now is very much alive with 2 gig of new ram, and and extra 10 gig of drive space for these types of projects.
I have to plug OpenBSD - these guys did a great job with this Sparc64 port for these older Sun boxes. Now this computer sits running actively, with nothing to do! So lets run Seti on it, but alas, no recent binary for OpenBSD Sparc64 seems to be found. Thus I tried last night to compile my own, but the _autosetup script fails saying it can't find M4 >= 1.4 (not true, I have latest), automake( not true I have latest), autoconf (not true I have latest). The only thing it finds is gmake, which passes. Is there some sort of special tailoring necessary for OpenBSD? Or has someone solved all these issues already and could help me out? Thanks, Richard.
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