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FreeBSD 5.4 Install

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Operating Systems BSD FreeBSD 5.4 Install
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Old 08-18-2005
FreeBSD 5.4 Install

sup everyone, i am having trouble installing freebsd 5.4

when i'm done installing freebsd, it came out like this

screen shot 1

then i typed startx, it came out like this..

screen shot 2

i don't think it's normal.. so i went with "exit", it came out like this

screen shot 3

does anyone know what's wrong? did i do something wrong? help me please. thanks.

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Old 08-19-2005
Screen shot 1 is normal login screen (no GUI interface).
Screen shot 2 is the normal X window interface - if you loaded Gnome, then you can have it start by going into screen shot 1 and type
echo "exec gnome-session" > $HOME/.xinitrc

Then run startx and instead of the basic X window you should get the 'prettier' Gnome Windows. I don't recall if the same command would work with kde or what the kde session would be as far as replacing gnome-session with ? for kde.

And, due to your question, I now have work to do since I just discovered my FreeBSD isn't booting at all. Well, still have Windoze and Fedora.
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Old 08-19-2005
it worked when i typed echo "exec gnome-session", but not startx. i think i have to reinstall it. please tell me something that i really need to know before i install something wrong again. thanks a lot.
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Old 08-19-2005
Originally Posted by royal
it worked when i typed echo "exec gnome-session", but not startx. i think i have to reinstall it. please tell me something that i really need to know before i install something wrong again. thanks a lot.
Hi !
Well... probably it didn't worked beacause you don't have gnome installed on your system. If you have gnome and you put "exec gnome-session" (without the quotation marks Smilie ) in you ~/.xinitrc file it should start gnome when you type startx.
Else, if you have kde installed on your system, you should replace "exec gnome-session" with "exec startkde".
It is not necesarely to reinstall your system. Just install kde or gnome (depending on what's your favourite) and put in your ~/.xinitrc "exec gnome-session" or "exec startkde" according to your dektop manager.
I also recomend you, after you installed your system, to run "xorgcfg -textmode" to configure xorg (your x server).
That's all.
Have fun! Smilie

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