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Which UNIX to try?

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Old 09-29-2013
Which UNIX to try?


AFAIK, UNIX uses slices and partitions.
Since i only have 1 working device, which is running hot (60C) by just browsing the net and torrent i'm not a big fan of 'bling bling style' DE's like Gnome3.X or KDE.

Sadly, even with LXDE or Awesome i'm not 'able' to run a VM without serious upheating the CPU (81+C), so i cant test the things there Smilie
I'm already dual booting Windows7 and Fedora19, and i do have somewhat like 15gb spare.

By now i'm drawn around between:
I'm aware of PC-BSD, but looks like KDE is the main DE, so its a no-go until i know which (or if any other) DE/WM's one could install if using the installer.

The concern of mine is the partitioning with slices, installing to an existing system and only device, i have could break the existing installations.
So i'm actualy looking for the most UNIX-newcomer friendly installer.

Does Unix require an extra swap partition or can it be shared with an existing linux-swap partition without formating (no crypt, no lvm)?

Thank you in advance

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Old 09-29-2013
Actually, it is the policy of these forums not to encourage discussions about one UNIX or LINUX OS over the other.

Mostly, they are all very similar, and we do not permit discussions which can be interpreted as discussing one OS over the other OS.
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Old 09-29-2013
What exactly are you after? When I did my FreeBSD installation it did not harm any of the other OS installed. It did not trespass the partition (called slice) that I assigned to it.
If installing into a VM, it won't even see your disk in the first place, only the container file used for installation.
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Old 09-30-2013
AFAIK, UNIX uses slices and partitions.
Actually, the only safe thing you can say is that UNIX uses devices that can be used for storage. I wish you could say more, but you really can't.

With regards to sharing of swap.. in reality, the answer is "no", but you could certainly do it, you'd just have to format for the right system every time. The reason why the answer is really "no" is because swap is sometimes used for more than swap (e.g. for hibernating in the case of Linux.. which isn't really UNIX, but figured it deserves mention). Implementing a "shared swap" (again, not really shared) across multiple distros of whatever is something you'd have to implement on your own. Not really for "newbies". Just saying...

IMHO, you may need to focus on your CPU cooling? If the CPU needs to run hot, it need to run hot. I'd hate to gamble thinking I can make it run cool all of the time.
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Old 09-30-2013
Thank you all.
Guess it became a mental 'blocker' when i had a working octa-boot (7 linux' + windows) but couldnt set up freebsd during the 'get used to it'-phase.

Oh well, finishing that other project, doing a backup and then back into the cold water Smilie
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Old 09-30-2013
I think the "octa-boot" style, while it is certainly doable, isn't quite as nice as using VMs.. though not sure if you can get to a full set of "octa" whatevers all as VMs... there are issues with certain OS/versions.

With that said, my preference now is using Linux-KVM. My experience has been that VMware (ESX, enterprise side) has the best chance of handling the most... but even then, there will be issues with some OS/versions.

So, again, perhaps some are VMs and some you do the muti-boot thing...

People are expecting "more", so doing these kinds of things is actually getting more difficult in some ways, despite the technology...

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