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scripts/programs/code posted to

Every now and then our users post complete programs to this site. It is especially important that these contributions don't get lost, so I will collect them here. Some of these programs are intended to demonstrate a programming technique and some are ready to run. As a guideline, the code linked in this thread should be general enough to be useful to a large number of users.

ksh Scripts

scroller a scrolling tool a bit like more
datecalc date calculation tool for use by other scripts
display file mode turns symbolic permissions from ls back to octal
HardFeed recursive ftp
changepass automate password changes on multiple systems
weekselector extend the capabilities of a crontab
swordfish a password generator
mimetool mail with attachment
mimesender mail with several attachments
packed decimal convert integer to packed decimal

perl Scripts

keep_alive monitor a program and restart it if it dies
mail_attachment mail with attachments
filesystem_check send email if free space is low
verify_password how to verify a password
adduser add a user

C Programs

nodoff sleep for less than a second
gethostbyname example how to use gethostbyname
termio vs termios how to read one character
microseconds how to get system time in microseconds
intentional bus error understanding what causes a bus error

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