Passing variables/arguments/parameters to commands

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Passing variables/arguments/parameters to commands

A good place to start is simple variable passing....
Passing variables from one script to another

The next level is passing a variable into a more complex command such as using a variable in a sed command. There are some simple quoting techniques that are very general. These are mentioned in...
How can I use a variable in sed?

Also awk has a couple of specific ways to handle this...
Passing values out awk.
PASS parameter to AWK
Passing argument to awk script

Doing this with aliases depends on your shell.....
Passing arguments to an alias
alias creation

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set_mouse_cursor_bitmap(3alleg4)				  Allegro manual				  set_mouse_cursor_bitmap(3alleg4)

set_mouse_cursor_bitmap - Changes the image Allegro uses for mouse cursors. SYNOPSIS
#include <allegro.h> void set_mouse_cursor_bitmap(int cursor, BITMAP *bmp); DESCRIPTION
This function changes the cursor image Allegro uses if select_mouse_cursor() is called but no native operating system cursor can be used, e.g. because you did not call enable_hardware_cursor(). The cursor argument can be one of: MOUSE_CURSOR_ALLEGRO MOUSE_CURSOR_ARROW MOUSE_CURSOR_BUSY MOUSE_CURSOR_QUESTION MOUSE_CURSOR_EDIT but not MOUSE_CURSOR_NONE. The bmp argument can either point to a valid bitmap or it can be NULL. Passing a bitmap makes Allegro use that image in place of its own default substitution (should the operating system's native cursor be unavailable). The bitmap must remain available for the duration in which it could be used. Passing NULL lets Allegro revert to its default substitutions. The effect of this function will not be apparent until show_mouse() is called. SEE ALSO
install_mouse(3alleg4), show_mouse(3alleg4), set_mouse_sprite(3alleg4), gfx_capabilities(3alleg4), enable_hardware_cursor(3alleg4), show_os_cursor(3alleg4) Allegro version 4.4.2 set_mouse_cursor_bitmap(3alleg4)

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