Security in Android apps

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Security in Android apps

I am Conrad

I was wondering, if anybody would be able to hack accounts on Android apps.
I mean for example we are logged on ebay or Facebook app, and we simply quit to home screen, without logging out, and also disconnect from network and again turn on network.
-To the point, Is it technically possible if anybody would hack our session, when we logged?
Of course we're using WiFi in home with WPA2, not public hotspot.

- How does situation look like with bank apps? Is it any risk when I immediately leave the app without logging out,
-But in web browser on android, on Facebook, is it possible to take over session?

-I 've found VPN app "Zenmate" on Google Play is that proper VPN? , is it worth to use it? or that is a piece of junk?
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WMTOP(1)							   User Manuals 							  WMTOP(1)

wmtop [-c command] [-U] [-x regexp] [-m] DESCRIPTION
wmtop displays, as a WindowMaker dockapp, the CPU usage of the top 3 processes satisfying user supplied criteria. OPTIONS
-U displays processes owned only for the current user. -c command Execute command when dockapp is double clicked. -x regexp Exclude processes whose name matches the given regular expression. The regular expression need only match part of the process name. Use '^' to mean the start of the name and '$' to mean the end. -m Show (physical) memory usage rather than CPU usage. (Linux only) -s Set interval between process samples in milliseconds. -r Set interval between screen updates in milliseconds. EXAMPLES
Monitor only users processesr, exclude WindowMaker dock apps and pop up xps when double clicked: wmtop -c xps -U -x '^wm' where we assume dock apps all have names starting with 'wm'. BUGS
Please report any bugs you may find to: AUTHOR
Dan Piponi <> SEE ALSO
top(1) Linux JUNE 1999 WMTOP(1)

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