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Problem with wireless network

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Operating Systems Linux Android Problem with wireless network
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Signal Problem with wireless network

Good day, everybody! I have a mobile phone (LG Optimus L5) with Android 4.0.3 and a tablet (PocketBook SurfPad 2) with Android 4.1.1 and I have problem with wireless network on these devices. Laptops don't have such problem. My wireless network organisation is a modem connected with an access point Dlink DAP-1150.

When I'm trying to open a page in web-browser (both default and Firefox) it may load, or it may freeze, or it may freeze but after some time it may load and sometimes browser says, that "Server not found". Similar thing happens with YouTube application, IM client and all other networking applications.

When I'm trying to ping my access point, everything is going well, but when I'm trying to ping my modem, there is a packet loss up to 30%.

Could you help me solve this problem, please. Thanks in advance!

UPD!!!: There is also packet loss when I'm pinging my access point.

// Sorry for my broken English

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Can you log into the router and modem to check status? Did you try different wireless channels?
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As DGPickett has already said, check your wireless channel(s). You may have interference (on the same channel) from another local AP/Router.

It's quite possible that laptops being typically higher powered devices will work but lesser powered (phones) will not.

Download and install a copy of Inssider on one of the working laptops and see what competing networks there are. Perhaps you can set your wireless channel to avoid those.
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Sounds like a problem with your router/modem dropping packets. DNS, which IIRC uses UDP, is going to be hurt hard by that.

When's the last time the router or the modem were rebooted?
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Thank you for your reply. I'm sorry, but I'm Linux user, so I can't install Inssider, but now I'll try to change channel in access point.

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Both modem and access point are rebooted approximately once in a day.

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I tried to set automatic channel selection.

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Originally Posted by DGPickett
Can you log into the router and modem to check status? Did you try different wireless channels?
Yes, I can. There is no any information about lost packets on "Status" page in access point.
Modem says that there wasn't any errors:
Transmit Collision 0
Receive CRC Errors 0
Transmit Error Frames 0
Receive Under-size Frames 0

I tried to set channel option in access point to "auto", but there are still some problems: packet loss on mobile phone, while pinging modem, is 40%.

//Sorry for my broken English

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Let me make sure I'm clear on this -- you get packet loss when pinging your modem, but not when pinging the access point?
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Yes. But sometimes there's no packet loss, and sometimes packet loss is up to 40%.

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Wait... Oh no, there's also packet loss when I'm pinging access point.

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