Running only the Linux kernel of an Android device

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Running only the Linux kernel of an Android device

I am looking for a way to run on top of the Linux kernel of an Android device. I want to use the existing configured Linux beneath Android rather than put a new Linux distribution onto a device.

The article "The Android boot process from power on" (sorry, forum won't let me paste the link) describes the boot process as:

1) execute Boot ROM code
2) execute first stage of the boot loader
3) load the Linux kernel and execute the init process
4) load Zygote, Dalvik etc.
5) loads the System server
6) Boot completed

I would like to find a way to interrupt it at the end of step 3, leaving a linux system without extra layers on top.

Has anyone tried this?

What needs to be done to deactivate the android layers and produce a linux device that I can put linux applications onto?

thanks in advance
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