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Operating Systems Linux Android Device Names on Android
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/dev/bus/usb isn't for serial ports, it is for raw USB communication. His software would have to speak USB protocol, and know how to use it to talk to the device.

Sometimes this is necessary for strange cameras, but isn't often done.
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Nothing about what?
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haha sorry, that was in another forum.

but so far no success. it definitely is a driver issue and so that is why no /dev/ttyUSB* populates in /dev upon plug in.

I have seen that some companies to provide drivers for these adapters so kind of exploring options there.

Also, a lot of people mention that you must OTG usb port....dont know why this would matter as my tablet has a usb2.0 port already.

updates as they come...
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They're just saying it must be a USB host port not a USB client port. If you had an android phone you could be stuck with a client port.

Your tablet obviously detects it, so must be acting as a host port. It doesn't have the right driver unfortunately.

The manufacturer is unlikely to have a linux driver, particularly one for Android. Many of these generic USB things work with common drivers though -- with a twiddled USB serial number so the linux driver no longer detects it.

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ok then....
well another day here we go...ill see what I can uncover.
you are definitely right...such a PITA though.

trying some different paths here this morning and I notice that in /dev with a USB dongle plugged in I get a 4:0:0:0 number in there. it increments by 1 every time I plug it bag in.....anyone know what that number represents are how I can use it?

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I also have come accross this website:


which they say they provide a driver for Android and this is the cable chip I am using....I just am not quite sure how to pull the driver out and install it on the tablet.....duh
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The "Download PL2303 Android USB Host API SDK (v1.0.0.6)" bit looks useful...

It is in Java and does not need root access. I wonder if this means they are using the raw device. You might not get actual serial port access here either.

Having to write a device driver in Java is ridiculous... This is what comes with closed platforms...
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