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problem to remove widget

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problem to remove widget


I am using an htc wildfire with android 2.2, I have recently download a battery widget.
After I decided to remove it, I saw black box that say problem in loading.

How can I tell the android to stop trying to load it?

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well I solved the problem, just tap the widget and moved it down.

However the search line disappeared, how can I put it back?

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XtResizeWidget()														  XtResizeWidget()

  XtResizeWidget - resize a child widget.

  void XtResizeWidget(w, width, height, border_width)
	 Widget w;
	 Dimension width;
	 Dimension height;
	 Dimension border_width;

  w	    Specifies the widget to be resized.  Must be of class RectObj or any subclass thereof.

  width, height, border_width
	    Specify the new widget size and border width.

  XtResizeWidget()  changes  the  width, height, and border width of w as specified.  It stores the new values into the widget record, and if
  the widget is realized, calls XConfigureWindow() to change the size of the widget's window.  Whether or not the widget is  realized,	XtRe-
  sizeWidget() calls the widget's resize() method to notify it of the size changes.

  If the specified size is equal to the current size, XtResizeWidget() returns immediately without calling XConfigureWindow() or the resize()

  See resize()(4) for information about the responsibilities of the resize() method.

  XtResizeWidget() should only be used by a parent widget to change the size of its children.  If an application wishes to change the size of
  a  widget,  it  should set the XtNwidth and XtNheight (and possibly the XtNborderWidth) resources of the widget.  If a widget would like to
  resize itself, it must request a new size with XtMakeGeometryRequest() or XtMakeResizeRequest().

  To move a child widget, use XtMoveWidget().  To move and resize a widget in the same call, use XtConfigureWidget().

See Also
  XtConfigureWidget(1), XtMakeGeometryRequest(1), XtMakeResizeRequest(1), XtMoveWidget(1), XtResizeWindow(1),

Xt - Geometry Management													  XtResizeWidget()

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