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android bring linux to end user


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Old Unix and Linux 12-30-2010   -   Original Discussion by programAngel
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android bring linux to end user

one of the thing that I think is great in android is that it bring linux to the end user.
Until now linux was used mainly on servers, super computer and embedded device.

However now with the smartphone and tablets, many people that never heard about linux use it without nowing it.

The next step will be android in netbook and from it to personal computer.
As for the chrome OS, I believe it is goign to be a failure.
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Old Unix and Linux 01-02-2011   -   Original Discussion by programAngel
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Yes, I agree.

In addition, Google has just announced strong support for Android-for-tablets, which was previously Chrome focused.

It seems that Android is destined to completely overshadow Chrome OS.
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