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Any Android Developers in the Forums?


android, android sdk, htc, samsung

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Old Unix and Linux 10-13-2010   -   Original Discussion by Neo
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Very interesting. Thanks for the update.

That means you will be able to develop a very nice Android CNET style RSS reader for the forums easily soon! Linux
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Old Unix and Linux 10-31-2010   -   Original Discussion by Neo
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Users in the company are raving about Android, especially considering what they were switching away from. We have developers in Asia and most people we recruit in the Asian region have some Android experience. This OS is going to make it big.
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Old Unix and Linux 11-02-2010   -   Original Discussion by Neo
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As far as I read it's the leading OS in mobile devices on the US market, outpacing both RIM and Apple. I have a colleague around who's writing a simple game for start, and he's already amazed by the power he has.
Old Unix and Linux 02-22-2011   -   Original Discussion by Neo
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I playing with the API, I just know the basics I hope 'till the end of March I'll submit some apps to android market.
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