All exisiting connections from AIX 5.3

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All exisiting connections from AIX 5.3

In an AIX 5.3 machine, I want to know all existing network connections going out from the box. NETSTAT command will gove me all the active connections. I want all the connections (active or inactive). Is there any command or file that will give this ?
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"netstat -a" for example does not show only active connections. It also shows other states like LISTEN, TIME_WAIT, etc.

If that isn't what you are looking for, maybe checkout the man pages for tcpdump and iptrace.

For analyzing the output of both I found wireshark useful.
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As the man pages for the NETSTAT command says that it displays information about all the active connections and not also the inactive ones. Say I have a server1 which has outgoing connections to server2 and server3. Server1 & server2 are up and running but server3 is presently down. So, running the netstat command on server1 will give me information about the connections to server2 but not to server3. Is there anyway (say a file in server1) which has an entry for all the connections ?
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In your example, if server3 is down how can server1 have a connection to it?
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I need to find all connections that goes from server1 to server2 and server3. I know that server3 is down and thats why running the netstat command on server1 will not give me information about the connections to server3. Is there any way ( i suppose a file in the server1) which holds information about all these ?
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no, aix does not keep this information.
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