/home belongs to a user?

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Operating Systems AIX /home belongs to a user?
# 1  
/home belongs to a user?

While doing a "little" clean up job, i noticed something weird...

A ls -altr of my / showed this:

drwxr-xr-x 1549 johcham grands 102400 Jan 28 13:13 home

How can a user become the owner / modify the group of my /home??? any thoughts? Can i chown this back to bin:bin (i think that is what it should be) without any impacts?

# 2  
Maybe an accident. Should be no problem to change it back. Maybe check where this user's login directory is and alter it to some adequate directory.

Also you could check what the user johcham and the group grants is for and if this setting should make a sense which I doubt.
# 3  
Also, check the user id of the user johcham and the group grant against the user id of root and other special users (in the password and group file)

It is remotely possible you have a security breach.
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