how would you know your server was rebooted 3 times or 5 times

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Operating Systems AIX how would you know your server was rebooted 3 times or 5 times
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how would you know your server was rebooted 3 times or 5 times

Is there such location or command to know how many times did you reboot your server in that particular day?in AIX.
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Am not familiar with AIX, but I'd try last(1).
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Issue the "errpt" command. You will find residues of every reboot cycle in there. I am sure there are other methods too.

I hope this helps.

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you can use the "last" command, which uses the file /var/adm/wtmp

last | grep -E "(reboot|shutdown)"

or write an rc script that logs to a file

Edit: oh didn't see agns post
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