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Japanese in Unix

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Old 01-08-2009
Japanese in Unix


I have a PPD(Postscript printer description) file which is in Japanese.
I want to use the PPD file in AIX.
Is it possible
where should i set the Lang.

and is it possible to type in Japanese language.

Please help.
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Old 01-08-2009
Not sure about "typing" in Japanese ... you need the Japanese locale probably. Use
# locale -a
to see which languages are installed. If it is installed you can change the keyboard with
# smitty chkbd
If you don't see things like JA_JP, ja_JP and Ja_JP in the locale output the Japanese language environment is'nt installed yet.
# smitty mle_add_lang
to install the missing filesets (that need to be available of course). Add Cultural Convention and Language Translation. If Japanese is missing about 20 more filesets will be installed.
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Old 01-13-2009
Thanks for the reply...

locale -a does not list JA_JP, ja_JP and Ja_JP..

Are the filesets available for download. From where can i download the filesets to install in AIX 6.1.

Please help.

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Old 01-13-2009
These files should (installation version) be located on one of the disks in your installation CD set. something like "bos.rte.msg.ja_JP" or similar. You can get updates to these filesets the same way as for other files through the usual channels (download from IBMs Fix Central, etc.), but you cannot install the updates until you have the base-level filesets already installed.

I hope this helps.


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