Anyone know how to access rootvg?

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Anyone know how to access rootvg?

I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue with an AIX system here. I have no experience with system administration of IBM stuff. Our local admin is ... um ... not available at this time.

I found something online that said enter service mode - How the heck do I do that??? Why is IBM stuff lack proper instructions?
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Insert the boot media (either tape or CD) into the drive.

- Power on the system. The system begins booting from the installation media. After
several minutes, c31 is displayed in the LED/LCD panel which means that the
software is prompting on the console for input (normally to select the console device
and then select the language). After making these selections, you see the
Installation and Maintenance menu.

For partitioned systems with an HMC, you can also use the HMC to access SMS and
then select the bootable device, which would bypass the use of a bootlist.

You can also use a NIM server to boot to maintenance. For this you would need to place
your system’s network adapter in your customized service bootlist before any other
bootable devices, or use SMS to specifically request boot over that adapter (the later
option is most common).

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Boot to Boot Media
Press 1 for English
Press 3 for Maintenance mode
Press 1 to Access RootVG

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