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Using the passwdpolicy() subroutine.

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Operating Systems AIX Using the passwdpolicy() subroutine.
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Old 10-02-2008
Using the passwdpolicy() subroutine.

Okay, so in AIX, there are various subroutines that is built in to the OS. The subroutine is I want to use is passwdpolicy(). So I want to construct a C program that will be able to pass credentials into the program and thusly into the subroutine.

I'm not asking for homework, or for someone to do it. All I'm asking is how do I USE the subroutine. Here is the subroutine:

#include <pwdpolicy.h>
int passwdpolicy (const char *name, int type, const char *old_password,
const char *new_password, time64_t last_update);

Now. Let's say I want to test the password for the user testy, with an old password of a1s2d3f4 and a new password of q1w2e3r4.

Here is the link to the subroutine, via IBM: IBM Systems Information Center

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PLOT(3F)																  PLOT(3F)

plot: openpl et al. - f77 library interface to plot(3X) libraries. SYNOPSIS
subroutine openpl() subroutine erase() subroutine label(str) character str*(*) subroutine line(ix1, iy1, ix2, iy2) subroutine box(ix1, iy1, ix2, iy2) Draw a rectangle and leave the cursor at ( ix2,iy2). subroutine circle(ix, iy, ir) subroutine arc(ix, iy, ix0, iy0, ix1, iy1) subroutine move(ix, iy) subroutine cont(ix, iy) subroutine point(ix, iy) subroutine linemd(str) character str*(*) subroutine space(ix0, iy0, ix1, iy1) subroutine clospl() DESCRIPTION
These are interface subroutines, in the library -lf77plot, allowing f77 users to call the plot(3X) graphics routines which generate graphic output in a relatively device-independent manner. The f77 subroutine names are the same as the C function names except that linemod and closepl have been shortened to linemd and clospl . See plot(5) and plot(3X) for a description of their effect. Only the first 255 character in string arguments to label and linemd are used. This library must be specified in the f77(1) command before the device specific graphics library; for example, to compile and load a FOR- TRAN program in prog.f to run on a Tektronix 4014 terminal: f77 prog.f -lf77plot -l4014 See plot(3X) for a complete list of device specific plotting libraries. SEE ALSO
plot(5), plot(1G), plot(3X), graph(1G) 4.3 Berkeley Distribution April 30, 1986 PLOT(3F)

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