Restore previous update w/o multibos

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Operating Systems AIX Restore previous update w/o multibos
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Old 08-26-2008
Restore previous update w/o multibos

Hi All,

How do I restore previous state if my current update failed w/o multibos? Is that possible?

Thanks in advance for any idea.
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Old 08-26-2008
Of course this is possible - this is exactly what the product is for in first place:

The multibos command allows the root level administrator to create multiple instances of AIX on the same rootvg. The multibos setup operation creates a standby Base Operating System (BOS) that boots from a distinct boot logical volume (BLV). This creates two bootable sets of BOS on a given rootvg. The administrator can boot from either instance of BOS by specifying the respective BLV as an argument to the bootlist command or using system firmware boot operations.
These are the first three sentences from the first paragraph fom the first source everybody should consult - the manpage.

I do not like to say that, but: the forum can help you but it will not do the understanding for you. You are a long-standing member here and should really know by now.

I hope this helps.

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Old 08-26-2008
I mean, without multibos, how do you restore from the previous state?

If I have 5.3 TL7 sp2 and I update it to 5.3 TL7 sp4 and something goes wrong with my application. How do I go back to 5.3 TL7 sp2? Re-install 5.3 TL7 sp2, that's it. Or restore from backup.

My problem with multibos is that the /usr is already full and there's no more room to increase IT and I have no budget until next year. So I can't use multibos on my OS.

I hope this clear now and my apology for unclear question!

Thanks again and more power!

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Old 08-27-2008
Originally Posted by itik
[...]How do I restore previous state if my current update failed w/o multibos? Is that possible?[...]
That depends on what you did. As you did not give a proper description on what that was I assume that you did sth. like a smitty update_all. In this case there is a build in parachute in installp that will allow you to return to the previous software levels. To pull the ripcord you did tell the update not to commit but to apply and keep the older packages. This way you could simply reject all packages that are applied but not commited.
Occasionally some packages are commited automatically even if you told installp to apply only. This would be the case if new filesets came with the update packages. However, as such a fileset has not been there before the update operation you could uninstall it.

Now what to do if the software was commited during update? In that case you might try to do a forced overwrite with the previous/older versions. But be warned: this is not supported officially and does not always work. You might end up with a server with inconsistent software levels. I'd not recommend it for servers that are critical for production.

Last resort: recover the server from the backup you did before updating. Depending on the possibilities you have this might be the fastest way to return to the previous oslevel anyway.
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