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Servers still querying old DNS server?

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Operating Systems AIX Servers still querying old DNS server?
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Question Servers still querying old DNS server?

I've created new DNS servers and changed all of the clients /etc/resolv.conf to point to them, but when I check the old DNS logs, I see that the clients are still querying it. Does anybody know why?

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Have you restarted the inetd and the subsystems/daemons controlled by it on the clients?

I hope this helps.

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I tried that, and still no change. But when I do a nslookup I see it's using the new dns server. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the DNS log. I see the following line :
7-Aug-2008 08:25:59.424 queries: info: XX+/IP/HOSTNAME/A/IN
Does this tell me that the hostname is performing a query or is the DNS server performing this function?


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