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how to install openSSH in AIX 5.3?

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Operating Systems AIX how to install openSSH in AIX 5.3?
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Old 07-28-2008
Bug how to install openSSH in AIX 5.3?

I need to install openSSH on AIX 5.3?

First problem is : i am unable to find openSSH 3.8.1 freeware on the net ?pls pass on any links if you have.

Second problem is : installation.Although i know how to install rpm packages,installing SSH is bit diffrent.But that second issue.

Can anyone provide me the links/sites where i can download openSSH 3.8.1(rpm files) for AIX 5.3?

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Old 07-28-2008
Development of the SSH for AIX package was outsourced by IBM to SourceForge some years ago. You can get a 3.8 Version at this site but 3.8 is so old that it is considered a security risk. I'd go for the current (4.7) Version. OpenSSH on AIX
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Old 07-29-2008
Welcome to Bull AIX freeware site

good site for downloads
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Old 07-29-2008

i have dloaded the necessary file...."openssh-4.7_5301.tar.z"

but don know how to install openSSH from this...

i was thinking i would get a rpm file to run & install but after uncompressing & untarring this file i have got some 39 files i don know how to use..

Can anyone guide on this?

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Old 07-29-2008
Originally Posted by truma1
Welcome to Bull AIX freeware site

good site for downloads
Sorry, but BULL closed development of open source tools down two years ago. The "new addition" packages date from March 2003 till March 2004. The only package that was compiled in 2007 is marked "not tested".
Secondly, if you want to get any kind of support from IBM for open source tools stick to the official packages from SourceForge and the IBM LinuxToolbox. Nobody will hold you back if you use those ancient Bull packages on your home workstation for sentimental reasons. But don't use it in a current production environment.
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Old 07-29-2008
Originally Posted by ak835
i have dloaded the necessary file...."openssh-4.7_5301.tar.z"

but don know how to install openSSH from this...[...]
Uncompress it, then untar it. When you get a file ending with *.rpm use
# rpm -Uvh openssh...rpm
When you get the AIX backup file format bff use
# inutoc .
in the directory where the bff is to create the table of contents (delete and recreate .toc file whenever you add/remove files from the installation directory) and then install it with
# installp -acXg -d . openssh-4.7*.bff
or use
# smitty install
if you prefer a 'guided' tour Smilie

One last thought because this might become your next question: if the installation fails because of some missing prerequisite (OpenSSL) - this can be downloaded from the IBM page via the link that is also given at the SourceForge page. You need to create an ID to register with the IBM Web Download Pack Program but this is free.
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Old 07-30-2008

thanks but as i mentioned i did not find any rpm file in it...instead i found these files


total 39 files .....i am not sure how do i use them?


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